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About GG + Meet the Team


What began as the First Mobile Boutique in Wisconsin has transformed into a joyful Lifestyle Boutique in the heart of Dane County in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

We make shopping fun again at Grasshopper Goods! Bringing our customers purposefully curated goods that inspire and help foster connection. Our goal is to have brands and products that you can’t find anywhere else that bring you joy. At Grasshopper Goods, you’ll find brands and products that support incredible artists, makers, and dreamers from all over. Supporting makers, dreamers, and doers has been an integral part of our mission.

We acknowledge that we wouldn't be here without the support of others. For this reason, we show our gratitude by working to create a collaborative community through supporting independent artists and makers and by paying it forward whenever we can. 

Although we've retired our mobile boutique, Vinny, you can still shop at our store in Stoughton, or online! Sign up for our email list (and receive 10% off your first order!) so you don’t miss out on all of our fun, fresh finds, or even some deals.


 Karen F. Tardrew

Founder + Owner

Favorite song to jam out to? I'll need a month of discussion to answer this one. I have a very eclectic musical taste. I've often said if we had a "house band" it would be Australia's Cat Empire a rock-reggae-pop swirl! I'm obsessed with the new Blend feature on Spotify. I love how it connects you to others.

Describe your perfect Saturday. If not, hanging out at the shop or a truck event… I love spending weekend time with family and friends adventuring. Including some nature, lakes, long walks, hidden treasures, foodstuffs and travel near (Madison area) or far (jumping on a plane somewhere)!

A favorite GG memory from over the years. There are too many to share. Wow, literally a could write a book (that’s on the to do list). I just love the humanness and intimacy that happens in the truck and shop. People are open, kind & vulnerable. There are funny stories, joy, and some sadness.

Describe GG in three words. Joy, connection, and inclusivity.

Jenn Zutter

Creative Director + Buyer

Describe your role at GG. My official title is Chief Creative Director but I would describe myself as a jill-of-all-trades which I love! I'm a buyer, merchandiser, sales-woman, and above all, part of a collaborative team whose ultimate goal is providing a fun, in-person shopping experience where the finds are fresh!

Favorite song to jam out to? Hard to pick a favorite but anything from early 90s Lenny Kravitz comes to mind!

Describe your perfect Saturday. Waking up a little later than usual, it's slightly overcast, and mid 60 degrees. I pour an espresso, go for a run, hit up the farmer's market (without a list then kick myself later for not making a list..haha) grab an empanada from Violet Rose for lunch later on and coffee round #2 at Wonderstate on the square. The rest of the day involves reading and being outside and probably a gin and tonic with a splash of Roots Elixirs Cucumber Elderflower soda.

A favorite GG memory from over the years. I have so many... but recently when someone described our brick and mortar shop as "feeling like home," I knew I had helped create a space of meaning and great value.

Three words that come to mind when you think of GG. Inviting, accessible, and friendly

Kelsey Stokstad

Digital Marketing Director

Describe your role at GG. I'd consider myself the digital marketing guru of the GG team. I handle everything from marketing strategy, social media, newsletters, content creation, and everything else in between related to the digital marketing world. I want the world to know the GG name!

Favorite song to jam out to? This is a hard one! I'm a big fan of almost every genre but I'm almost always in the mood for some early Kygo.

Describe your perfect Saturday. Sleep in just a bit and start the day with a long walk with my pup, Valley. Then I'd head to the gym and come home for some self care. Afterwards brunch it up with friends at Sardine, come home to relax a bit, and then meet up at my parents house for family dinner with wine of course.

A favorite GG memory from over the years. This is such a difficult question but some of my favorite memories are pre-shop days! I remember working the Fete de Marquette a couple years back with Jenn and Mama T (Karen) before I was full-time at GG. It was such an exhausting weekend but so fulfilling.

Describe GG in three words. Warm, uplifting, and one-of-a-kind.


Jordan Packard

Shop Employee

Describe your role at GG. I work the shop and do just about everything from restocking, customer service, and anything GG needs done in the shop! Fun fact: I was hired almost on an act of fate :) I was shopping GG with my mom who shared I embroider and so Jenn asked to see my work. We met a handful more times and then Jenn asked if I was interested in working the shop! A week later I was training and I knew I had found a really special place.

Favorite song to jam out to? Kamera by Wilco

Describe your perfect Saturday. It would start with some sort of coffee. Followed by taking a hike with my dog, Donut, and a couple of my closet friends. We’d get lunch somewhere relaxed, and ideally outside with that warm sunshiny feeling. I'd probably go home then and watch some true crime while crocheting yet another shirt or baby hat. I would end the day with either hot chocolate or ice cream.

A favorite GG memory from over the years. I love watching fathers come in with their kids a few days before a birthday or holiday. Their kids will run around grabbing things with pure joy and yelling “mommy will love this”. One time, days before Mother's Day, a really little one grabbed a ribbon, and they weren’t at the age where they could read yet. It read “worlds okayish mom”. Needless to say they had the whole store laughing.

Describe GG in three words. Empowering, inclusive, and unique.

Clove Rewey

Digital Marketing Intern

Describe your role at GG.  Since I'm the digital marketing intern I've been learning all the tricks of the trade from Kelsey. I help her with marketing strategy, running our social channels, newsletters, content creation, and everything else in between that needs to get done for the shop.

Favorite song to jam out to? Any thing Harry Styles. All of his albums are simply amazing. I also love jamming out to The Bee Gees and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Describe your perfect Saturday. I'm definitely sleeping in. I'll then make myself a cup of tea and hang out/cuddle with my cat, Emma. A Target run is always a good idea too. I'd then end the day with take-out and some Game Show Network.

A favorite GG memory from over the years. I haven't been working at the shop too long, but I always love when people come in the shop and immediately say how great it smells. They ask if we have a certain candle we burn, and I just tell them it's a combination of the many wonderful things we've curated for the shop.

Describe GG in three words. Cozy, kind, and calm.