Vinny's Journey

July 2015

Mobile Boutique Beta Version

Before Vinny, there was a ’57 Chevy school bus from Wyoming. The bus arrived via trailer, and as Karen and her brother John explored the bus for the first time together, they found no spiders, or cobwebs, but a live grasshopper waiting to greet them. He was still there the next morning.

Spring 2016 

It's Vinny!

The school bus wasn't the right truck for Grasshopper Goods, but this '77 Chevy Step Van did the trick. In his first life, Vinny was a pizza truck. Here you can see John with Vinny's former owner. 

Summer 2016 

So, why Vinny?

To honor his heritage, an Italian Pizza truck, and his era, the 1970's  — we selected the name Vinny. It's also a nod to our favorite heartthrob in "Welcome Back, Kotter".

July 2016 

Creative Juices Flowing

White-boarding beginning plans for Vinny!

August 2016 

Let the Games Begin

The doors are off, ready for body work. Doors are off to get new "skins". 

November 2016 

Vinny, Stripped Down

Planning meeting to get Vinny on the road. Karen and John put their heads together before the interior work gets started. 

November 2016 

All in the Family 

Jim of Sterling Grey, Karen's other brother, joins the team for the interior retail design. It's a dream Foersterling trifecta of entrepreneurs.

December 2016

Vinny, Start Your Engine

Pulling out Vinny's old engine to power all the "hopping" to come. 


January 2017 

Work It

Beyond Broncos starts the interior  fabrication. Ceiling coming along — wiring for lights and AC mount next.

Operation the game of skill. Vinny's transplant has arrived

February 2017 

Looking Fresh

Vinny is shaping up to look more like a boutique. Custom work with Sterling Grey and Beyond Broncos. 

March 2017 

Vinny Gets Decked Out

Vinny in line to get his wrap! Vinny's vinyl wrap was a special collaboration with Blue Platypus and includes hidden grasshoppers and four leaf clovers (homage to Karen's Irish heritage) in addition to midwest flowers. 


March 2017

Vinny’s 1977-Themed Christening

To celebrate Vinny’s new beginning and the arrival of the truck, we hosted a 1977-themed party in honor of Vinny’s birth year. Complete with Tuna Casserole, Twinkies, PBR and a groovy soundtrack provided by Karen's husband Steve, the party was a blast!

April 2017

Hit the Road

Vinny hops around the state, bringing glad tidings, joy, and unique products. 

June 2022


Vinny's Last Ride

After many years of Vinny bringing us luck and joy, our brand as grown and expanded. We're putting all our focus on our brick and mortar location, and we hope you'll hop on by to see us. We can't wait to see what adventures he'll go on next.