You Domino It! Domino Game Set

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It's a little-known trivia fact, but you can actually play games with dominos instead of just lining them up and knocking them over. In fact, this double-six set of acrylic dominos includes everything you need* to play 15 different games (while getting uncomfortably competitive with your friends and family).

*Smugness not included.

  • Includes 28 double-sided acrylic dominos. In other words, each side features a unique design so that you can play using either numbers or shapes. Psst: look at the pictures.
  • Features an instruction book that explains how to play 15 different games in detail (from Bergen to Matador - and everything in between).
  • Don't worry; even though they are double-sided, each face has a randomly different value, so you can't cheat (We're looking at you, grandma).
  • The outer box measures 9" by 4.25" by 2.5" deep.
  • Each domino measures 1" by 2" by .22" deep.