May 07, 2023

How We Landed in Stoughton

By Karen Tardrew
How We Landed in Stoughton

Tucked into a historic building that once housed a Stoughton, Wisconsin, town bank, the Grasshopper Goods brick-and-mortar shop is our home base to spotlight the makers, dreamers, and artists whose products and stories we so admire. 

After hearing our story, you might be wondering, how’d you land in the quaint town of Stoughton, anyway? Time to unpack how we started calling this charming town our home.

It all began with a grasshopper—a traditional symbol of good tidings, new beginnings, and joy—that landed serendipitously on my windshield during a Caribbean vacation. Since that gentle nudge to follow my dreams, I haven’t looked back, taking Grasshopper Goods from a vision I couldn’t stop thinking about to a mobile boutique that roamed the area near and far. And then came the permanent brick-and-mortar location.

Over the years, we experimented with many partnerships and collaborations. With the love and excitement that outpoured for the goods we sourced and the brands we worked with, it became super clear to us that Grasshopper Goods was its own special place that needed a permanent home. 

Where I go, serendipity seems to follow, and I love the little signs that tell me the universe has my back as I take the leap. After years of operating a mobile-only business, my dear friend and Grasshopper Goods’ Creative Director, Jenn, spotted a hopeful storefront for us in Stoughton when she was in town. A regular at Stoughton’s celebrated Wildwood Cafe and DUNE gift + home, Jenn excitedly told me about the space in Stoughton—a charming, tight-knit community that reflects our values back to us. 

After a lot of soul-searching, I secured that spot on Main Street with some great advice from my mentors on being honest and working out a contract. For years, we longed to open a brick-and-mortar location in a town that embodied community. And we needed to make sure our storefront mirrored the Grasshopper Goods truck’s retro vibe. That spirit of Grasshopper Goods needed to translate from the magic of our mobile boutique into our forever home. And we found all that and more in Stoughton.


And so In 2019, we moved into our address on Main Street, and today, we find ourselves among a beautiful network of small businesses, all cheering each other on. 

We have always been about community and belonging first and foremost. And Stoughton is that place, a tight-knit community filled up with love. It’s been a blessing to have our storefront in the Historic Arts District.