Krista Allenstein 8x10 Art Prints - Choose Your Favorite!

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These art prints will give your walls a jolt of color and joy! A mix of vintage maps and iconic signs!

From artist Krista Allenstein:

”I love all things vintage.  I wanted to give my vintage map collection a new life and so I started using them in my paintings. I also love the idea that these signs are on the side of the road making people laugh and giving them a boost if they need it.”

"Eat Your Veggies" - Original Sign: Cocktails in Whitewater, Wisconsin

"Stop. Smell Roses" - Original Sign: Sleepy Hollow Motel in Green River, Utah

"Salud" - Original Sign: Bruno's in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

"So Far" - Original Sign: Smokey's Club in Madison, Wisconsin

"Be Good" - Original Sign: Fairview Motor Quality Cars

"Heck Yeah" - Original Sign: Hawk Bowl in Whitewater, Wisconsin